Safety Trailers

The new, safer & faster way to transport and unload materials to site


Safety Transport Sytems Ltd (STS) have developed a revolution in the way materials are transported, unloaded and stored on site.

Their new Safety Trailers provide a completely safe, enclosed space on the back of a flatbed trailer that protects both the materials being transported and the personnel on site attaching crane hooks and slings.

Now being specified by a growing number of leading UK contractors, Safety Trailers can also provide safe and easily transportable storage on site allowing for site efficiencies and tidier working practices.


Helping to prevent falls from vehicles

Approximately 2000 workers are seriously injured and on average 5 lose their lives across all industries every year as a result of falling from a vehicle. The construction industry accounts for around 10% of these incidents.

For all other industries, approximately three-quarters of those injured are delivery drivers. However, in construction 70% of all falls from vehicle injuries occur to non-drivers i.e. those who are involved in unloading delivery vehicles.

These falls occur mostly when workers/operatives are loading or unloading and getting on or off the vehicle. Most of the vehicles involved are Flat Bed trailers.

Safety trailers have been developed to minimise the risk to delivery drivers and other operatives involved in the loading and unloading of flat bed trailers.