Closed Cradle Safety Trailer


What are “Closed Cradle Safety Trailers”?

A “Closed Cradle Safety Trailer” is a 6m x 2.9m x 1.35m high stillage that is attached to a flatbed trailer via the Twist Locking systems used for containers. Two of these cradles can be placed end to end on a flatbed leaving a 1.3m wide access zone at the front of the trailer.

Each cradle is made from steel square hollow section stanchions and cross members with steel mesh welded to the inside face and gated end section for enhanced protection.

Once opened, the gates can be locked to the vertical tail of the flatbed trailer thus enclosing the entire upper surface of the flatbed. This enclosed space enables an operative to work in complete safety without the fear of falling.

A flat-bed trailer can carry four of these cradles as they have been designed to stack one on top of the other. They are connected by corner spigots locating inside the square hollow section stanchions. Once stacked, the top of the higher stillage represents the maximum transportable height for UK roads (4.51m) giving a great visual reference to ensure no load exceeds this height.

The cradles also benefit from having steel sections running across their width at regular intervals. This not only limits the movement of small items in transit, it also allows for chains and slings to pass easily beneath larger objects for lifting.



What materials can they transport?




Cut & Bent Reinforcement
Prefabricated Reinforcement




Structural Steel
General Building Materials
Drainage Pipes & Accessories




Precast Concrete
Concrete Pipes


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